Very Comfortable City Hotel in Belgrade: Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade

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Before our trip to Belgrade, I and Saynur ( were looking for a nice hotel in the city. The question of “Where to stay in Belgrade” was one of the important questions in our head. After a short research on the internet we saw many positive comments about Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade. As a result of these positive comments, we decided to make a reservation for one night. This article is about our experience of Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade.

Where To Stay In Belgrade

Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade


Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade is located in the city center. As a result of that you can reach the hotel very easily. For example, if you are coming from the airport you take the bus A1 and get off at Central Station bus stop. After that you just need to walk 5 minutes to reach the hotel. Another good thing regarding the hotel location is that you can go to all must-see places of Belgrade by walking from the hotel. 

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Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade

Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade


Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade is a very comfortable city hotel. As you know, city hotels generally do not pay enough attention to the comfort of their rooms. I have witnessed this many times. Fortunately, Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade is different from many other city hotels in this sense. They have designed their rooms in a way that guests can relax. That is why we were so happy when we were spending our times in the room.

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The whole decoration of the room was fresh and guest friendly. Everything in the room from the used colours to the furnitures were seleceted very carefully. As a result of high ceiling and a mirror covered wall, our room was very spacious. All the furnitures in the room were clean and all the materilas were working properly. If I have to summarize my sentences, I can say that we loved our room✌️


We were so hungry when we waked up in the morning. Because of that we took fast shower and dressed quickly. The restaurant is on the entrance floor of the hotel. As soon as we arrived to the restaurant we started to prepare our breakfast. Generally the breakfast of the city hotels are simple. You can have coffee, egg, corn flakes and tea. Not more. But here, in Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade, you can have a large breakfast. We filled the plate with both cold and hot foods. As you can guess, the table was full of every thing 🙂 Every single food we tried were very fresh and delicious. After finishing our breakfast we were happy. Starting your day with a good breakfast is important 🙂 

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Whatever people say, the most important thing  when chosing the same hotel is the service quality. Within this framework I can say that Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade is such a hotel that I would choose again.

From the moment we entered the hotel, all the staff were polite. They answered all our questions and they were very friendly. This is why we felt ourself very special throughout our stay.

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Added to that all the staff working in the reception were very helpful about the city. They gave very good information about where to go, where to eat and how to go. They also gave us very important advices about cafes, restaurants, streets, night life and etc.


As a result, Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade is a very comfortable hotel with its location, decoration and high quality service. If somebody ask me “Where to stay in Belgrade”, I can easily say Jump Inn Hotel Belgrade. 🙂

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