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When I was looking a place to stay in Dusseldorf, I found many alternatives. But, one of these alternatives was absolutely very attractive. This was Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf. As a result if you are asking me “Where to stay in Dusseldorf”, my answer is Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf. Why? Here are the answers.

Düsseldorfta nerede kalınır - Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf

Where to stay in Dusseldorf – Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf


According to the researches, the most important point in people’s hotel purchase decision process is location. If the location is so important then Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf has a big PLUS in this regard. 

First of all I want to say that the hotel is at the city center. As a result of that it is easy to reach it. When arrived to Dusseldorf airport, we looked for S-Bahn station. First we took the S-11 train from airport S-Bahn station to the central station, Dusseldorf HBF. When arrived there we changed the line and went to U-Bahn. There, we waited for U-78 to go to the Nordstrasse stop. After this stop we walked about 5 minutes to reach the hotel. As a result it takes around 35 minutes to come to hotel from the airport by public transportation.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/YamHCC86osq

The hotel is very close to Königsallee which is the center of the city. Added to that you can also go to the most of the touristic attractions by walking. This is very important for the travelers who like to discover the city by walking. 


Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf is a fashion hotel. In other words, with its all decoration and philosophy the hotel is dedicated to fashion. All the lifeless models you see in the reception and all other decoration details say you that you are in an extraordinary place. This extraordinary atmosphere continues in the rooms as well.

During our stay we slept in one of the largest rooms of the hotel. The room had two parts; one part is for sleeping and the other part was for relaxing. One of the wall was totally covered with a huge woman poster. 

On the other side of the room, there was a sofa, a pouffe and a table covered with stitch figures. Oh that table. We really liked it.  We wanted to take it but our luggage was full 🙂 Even this table shows that Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf is a fashion hotel. Btw, as we learned, one wall of all the rooms are covered with poster. 

I want to say one last thing before finishing my words about the rooms. When we entered the room we saw Nespressooo 🙂 OMG. That is amazing. This not common to see Nespresso in hotel rooms. That is why we drank too much coffee during our stay 🙂

Düsseldorfta nerede kalınır nespresso keyfi



Hotel Indigo Dusseldorf has good location, stylish rooms and good service. But is this enough? NO. As far as I am concerned the breakfast is as much as important. That is why I was so curious about the breakfast in the morning.

Düsseldorfta nerede kalınır

Before the breakfast I should say few words about the area where you have your breakfast. There is a garden in the hotel. And in the summer you can have your breakfast in this garden. Unfortunately the weather so so bad during our visit .So we had to have our breakfast inside the building.

The hotel has a very delicious breakfast. They serve many different foods and drinks in the breakfast. Especially the cheese. They were so good. As a result we really enjoyed the breakfast.

where to stay inn Dusseldorf


All the staff were very professional and helpful. Especially the people working at the reception had very detailed information about the city. They helped us with their advices. Also the people who were serving the breakfast were very friendly. 

Where to stay in dusseldorf


You can contact with the Hotel Indigo via different channels. Here are their website and instagram addresses.

Website: http://www.indigoduesseldorf.com/en.html

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hotelindigodusseldorf/


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