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Thessaloniki is one of the most popular coastal cities of Greece. There are many touristic attractions to see in the city; such as the coast, shopping areas, historical places and more. Normally 2 full days are enough to visit the city. But, if you want to see all the historical places, museums and the streets you should stay more. Because, Thessaloniki is not such a city that you can leave the city after seeing the historical places. You should also visit cafes and restaurants and enjoy your time if you really understand the city.  As a result what to see in Thessaloniki 🙂

What to see in Thessaloniki


How to get Thessaloniki

There is an airport and a big coach station in the city. Therefore you can easily come to Thessaloniki from different parts of the country and Europe. I came to city from Kavala by bus. It was a2.5 hours trip and I paid 16.30€. The coach station is not very far away from the city center. You pay around 7€ to come to center from station.

For the people who wants to use the airport, there is 24h bus number 78 which runs between the city center and airport. It costs 2€ and the trip takes around 1 hour.

What To See in Thessaloniki

White Tower

It is one of the must-see buildings in Thessaloniki. It is located at the center and near the sea. When you climb there you can have an amazing Thessaloniki view. You can visit the tower everyday, except Monday. The entrance fee is 2€. There is no elevator in the tower.

White Tower in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki – White Tower

What to see in Thessaloniki - View from White Tower

View from White Tower Thessaloniki

Church of Hagia Sophia

It is one of the most religious buildings in Thessaloniki. It is in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located in the city center. It is not opened every time. Before you arrange your visit, you have to check its opening times.

Church of Hagia Sophia

Thessaloniki – Church of Hagia Sophia

Church of Hagia Sophia - Opening times

Church of Hagia Sophia – Opening times

Potonda (Rotunda)

A huge historical place located in the heart of the city. It was built in 4. century AD. It was used as a religious place for different religions.

Thessaloniki - Potonda

Thessaloniki – Potonda (Rotunda)

Aristoteleus Sqaure

The most popular square of Thessaloniki. It is located near the sea and rounded by very beautiful and architectural white buildings. There are also very good cafes around the sqaure where you can have a drink.

Thessaloniki - Aristoteleus Sqaure

Aristoteleus Sqaure

Leof. Nikis Street

This street is the symbol of Thessaloniki. When the day is sunny,  most of the people come to this street to enjoy their day by walking throught the gulf or by sitting in a place and eat or drink something. It is located between the Aristoteleus Square and White Tower. There are many cafes and restaurants where you can find anything you want both in the day or in the night.

Leof. Nikis Street

Thessaloniki – Leof. Nikis Street

Ano Poli

This district is located on a hill where you can view all Thessaloniki from the top. This are gives you an amazing view of the city. Burası Selanik’e tepeden bakan ve Bizans surlarının bulunduğu bölge. Tüm şehre yukarıdan bakabilmek için oldukça güzel bir nokta. If you want you can also go to Yedi Koule dungeon by walking from here.

Thessaloniki - Ano Poli

Thessaloniki view from Ano Poli district

The Walls of Ano Poli

The Walls of Ano Poli

The best way to come to Ano Poli is to use the bus number 50. It costs 2€. It allows you to have a panoromic tour of the city. They give both Greek and English information about the city in the bus.

There are many other touristic attractions to see in Thessaloniki. Added to my list, you can also see Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Church of Agios Dimitrios, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Monument of Alexander The Great, Modiano Market and more.

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