Good Foods in Thessaloniki

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

In my previous article I published what to see in Thessaloniki (click). After walking so much in the city, I know you are getting hungry. So it is time to eat something. If you do not know any place, I have some recommendations for you where I really tasted very good foods. As a result it is time to answer the question of “what to eat in Thessaloniki”.

What to Eat in Thessaloniki

Pizza Please

This is a small pizza place in a small street. They cook traditional pizzas with recipes from Napoli. To do best they also bought their oven from Napoli. Their pizzas are very fresh and very delicious. You can also order alcohol while you have your pizza. If you are going to drink beer, I would recommend you to try Ali İpa, a local beer. It is very delicious. Pizza Please is located on Geor. Stavrou 9 street (click). You can also check the place from their instagram (pizzaplease_offical) and facebook (pizza please) accounts.

What to eat in Thessaloniki - Pizza Please

Pizza Please

What to Eat in Thessaloniki - Pizza and Beer

Pizza and beer in Pizza Please


This stylish place is a right place to eat desserts. As soon as you enter the place you see the colourful desserts all around the shop. I know what you will feel. You will want to buy all of them 🙂 But calm down. Just walk around and choose the ones that you like most. Then order your coffee, take it, go out and enjoy your time 🙂 The address of the place is Agias Sofias 19 (click) . If you want to check it, here is the link of their website (click)

What to eat in Thessaloniki - Ble

Thessaloniki – Ble

Thessaloniki - Ble

Ble desserts

what to eat in Thessalonik - Ble

Cake in Ble


This is such a place where you can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Estrella is very popular among young people. While I was eating my eggs, some people were eating some crazy desserts. I can only say wow 🙂 tEstrella is located on P. Mela 48 street (clictk). If you wanna check their instagram account (click)

What to eat in Thessaloniki - Estrella

Breakfast at Estrella


If you want to drink coffee just ignore others for a while and walk into the Mikel. This coffee shop is one of the most important coffee shops in Greece. If you are interested in coffee why dont you try this local brand 🙂 Here is a link for the location of one of their branches (click)

Coffee in Mikel

Coffee in Mikel

Toms Cafe

This is the first time that I have seen a Toms Coffee shop. And i like it. Actually it is both a shoes store and a coffee shop. Of course the shoes are expensive. But don’t worry coffee prices are in the same line with the market. If you wonder the Toms Coffee Shop here is link for the location (click)

Where to eat in Thessaloniki - Toms Coffee Shop

Toms Coffee Shop in Thessaloniki

Friendly decoration of Toms Coffee Shop in Thessaloniki

Friendly decoration of Toms Coffee Shop


In the short words, Choureal is crazy with its profiteroles and echlairs . OMG. I dont want to say anything else. Just go and eat. This place solve of your problems in this world. Believe me 🙂 It is located on Paleon Patron Germanou 7 (click) street. You can also check their instagram account (click)

Choureal profiterole

Choureal profiterole

Choureal echlair

Choureal echlair

The Pulp Bar

If you are looking a place where you can drink your beer with local young people, The Pulp Bar would be a right place for you. This place is not very touristic. In other words you can enjoy your time with local people. While you are trying local beers, you can also enjoy the rock music. The Pulp Bar has also very good decoration. Address is Al. Svolou 8 (click)

What to eat in Thessaloniki The Pulp Bar

Thessaloniki – The Pulp Bar

Leof Nikis Street

Leof Nikis street is the heart of the city. It is located near the gulf. There are many cafes and restaurants. Especially in the sunny days, it is not easy to find a sit outside of the places. This street is a must-see places for eat and drink.

Ladadika District

This is a district of taverns. If you want to go to a tavern you should walk through the Ladadika District. There are many taverns there. Almost all the places have tables outside. I wont recommend you any place. Just go there and choose one of them. You can be sure that you can have the same service from all the taverns there. Btw, Ladadika District is just 10 minutes walk away from the Aristoteleus Sqaure.

Thessaloniki Ladadika

Thessaloniki Ladadika

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