Top 7 Reasons To Go To Venezuela

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  1. Nature: Due to its geographical location Venezuela hosts various natural landscapes. Whether you are a fun of seaside or a trekking lover, you would find alternatives for youself in Venezuela. Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world with its almost 1km long, Los Roques, one of the most beautiful islands of the world with its turquoise water and white sand beach, Canaima, where you can walk inside of the waterfalls, are some examples to various natural landscapes in Venezuela. 20140101053654-01
  2. Good Food: Due to it is located in the tropical region and there are many people from different origins, Venezuela has a very colourful and delicious kitchen. Venezuela welcomes foodies with its different types of arepas, pan de jamon, rom, pabellon, papelon con limon, meat, fruits and other kinds of foods.Foto 2a
  3. No Visa: Citiziens of the most countries do not need visa for Venezuela. 
  4. Cheap: Due to the economic situaiton, accomodation, transportation and food prices are so cheap in Venezuela. A nice dinner is like 5$, 5 star hotel accomodation is like 25$, an airplane ticket is like 15$. Because of these cheap prices, Venezuela is a right destination for low-budget holidays.Foto 4
  5. Dance and Music: Venezuela is a very enjoyable country also for dance and music lovers. You can enjoy your time in different places with a nice music and parties. Foto 5d-01
  6. Beautiful Climate: Due to it is located in a tropical region, the temperature all around the country does not go under the certain average. As a result of that people who would go to Venezuela do not need to take warm clothes in their luggage. On the other hand, to have an umbrella would be a good solution against tropical rains. If you will visit the Andes region, you should have a thin coat with you. Foto 6a
  7. Baseball: Neither football nor the basketball are the most import sports for Venezuelan people. They are real fans of baseball. Every small and big villages and cities have their own baseball teams. As a result of that baseball leagues are always very competitive. Added to that there many important Venezuelan basball players in America.

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  1. Wow this is nice! Thanks for such a lovely and kind review of Venezuela, I talk for everyone saying you’re welcome to come whenever you want! I hope you had enjoyed my beautiful country, by the way, there are several places you should visit if you come again, either beaches, mountains and the beautiful medanos are very good options. My best wishes from Maracaibo.

    • culinistanbul

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I had really amazing time in Venezuela. I liked every places I visited there. Added to that thank to all Venezuelan people for their hospitality. I hope one day I can visit Venezuela again. Cheers.

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