The Circus of Madnesses in Bogota

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

When it is talked about the nightlife in Bogota, undoubtedly Andres Carne de Res is one of the places that come to mind first. If somebody says “I have experienced the food and night life Bogota, but I have not been in Andres Carne de Res”, it is so clear that he/she missed one of the most important places in Bogota and Colombia.

Andres Carne de Res is originally located in Chia district which is on the north of Bogota. But, this district is quiet far way from Bogota, and it is not possible to reach there by public transportation. May be because of that they opened another one in “Zona T” which is the center of entertainment of Bogota. I tried the restaurant in Zona T.

As soon as you enter the place, you start to think what a crazy place is it. The decoration of the place has many different details. Because of that you want to stop and look at to the every corner of the restaurant. The restaurant is 4 floors. Every floor has its own style. While you can have your dinner in a cool atmosphere in one floor, a music group can join you during your dinner in another floor. The top floor is one of the most stops in this place. When the night comes this floor turns to a night club.




What about the menu? You should know that you will shock when the waiter brings it you. Because, the menu is like a book. Although the foods are not the best ones in Bogota, they are not bad. Actually the place does not claim that they have the best foods in Bogota. However, they are assertive in making you to have good time in the restaurant.



My recommendations are; you should go there on Friday or Saturday nights with your friends, should have a nice dinner with full of conversation, afterwards you should finish your night in the disco in the restaurant. A small note; if you go there before 8pm you do not need to pay 20.000 Pesos per person.


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