A Walking Tour in Lyon

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When we woke up in the morning we did not have to do some many things. Every things had been prepared before the morning. We took a fast shower, feed our lovely cat, took our luggages and we were on the way to the airport. When we arrived to the airport we firstly started to finish all the procedures; such as check-in, passport control etc. Then we had our breakfast. Now we are ready to fly to Lyon.


A Short Brief About Lyon

Lyon is a real French city with its aesthetic texture, its gastronomy richness and its cultural activities. As you walk through the streets of the city you can see the traces of strong French aesthetics. For this reason, spending time in Lyon is actually about seeing the quality of French life style. Before you start to visit Lyon, I recommend you to have look this info about the city:

  • The city’s history goes back 2.000 years.
  • Thanks to the architectural beauty it has, the city is on the the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • There are two rivers in the city named Rhone and Saone. These rivers come together at one point.
  • There are a total of 29 bridges in Lyon.; 16 of them are on Rhone where 13 of them on Saone.
  • There are more than 300 traobules in the city, some of which are open to the use of public.
  • Lyon is a real gastronomy city. From Michelin Star restaurants to local bouchon restaurants, there are hundreds of restaurants, cafes and cake shops in the city.
  • Paul Bocuse, one of the most popular French chefs, is from Lyon.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the writer of the book “Little Prince”, is from Lyon.
  • City Mayor of Lyon is Gerard Collomb. But I do not know whether he is still the mayor since he was appointed as Interior minister after the new elections. I sent him a tweet, but he did not answer me yet 🙂

Walking in Lyon

Now you are expecting an article in the form of “What To See In Lyon”, but I am not going to write an article like that. Instead of it, I will write you a daily walking route. In this route you will walk almost all the city, and you will see most of the touristic attractions of Lyon.

We are starting our walk from the train station, Gare de Lyon Part-Due, which is located at the center of the city. Our target destination is Rhone river. For this, we pass in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel, one of tallest building in Lyon, and turn to the first right; Rue Garibaldi Street. After walking for about 5-10 minutes we arrive at Course Lafayette Street and turn to the left.

Les Halles de Lyon

On this street you will immediately see one of the Lyon’s most famous taste stops on your left: Les Halles de Lyon. This is a large market where there are nice delicatessen and restaurants. You can both eat and buy something. If you re not hungry or not to buy anything during your visit, you can visit here again later.

lyon gezi rehberi

lyon travel guide

lyon travel guide

Lafayette Bridge

After leaving Les Halles de Lyon, we take a walk through Course Lafayette Street to Lafayette Bridge. Approximately 15 minutes later we arrive to the bridge and see Lyon’s first river view.  Here is a very good place to take photos. By the way, you can see people sitting on the bottom of the bridge. They re local people who enjoy the river. It is becoming more colorful with sunset.

lyon 5

Place Louis Pradel Sqaure

After enjoying the views of the city and the river and taking lots of pictures, we leave the bridge and continue to walk to the right and walk along the river. Not many, but about 5 blocks later, we come to Place Louis Pradel, one of the symbolic locations in Lyon. The magnificent Opera House building is located here. We take a little look around and walk to Place des Terreaux, our other stop.

Place des Terreaux

Place des Terreaux Square

The best thing you can do when you come to the Place des Terreaux Square is to take a short break after the walk. For this you can choose one of the places around the square. Here you can get some rest and eat and drink. Meanwhile, when you sit at your desk, you will see a big and spectacular building right next to you. It is Lyon Fine Arts Museum. There is also Fontaine Bartholdi, one of Lyon’s most symbolic fountains, in this square. Unfortunately we could not see the fountain because the fountain was under construction while we were there.

lyon 21

Place du Change Square

After the Place des Terreaux, you can walk to the Pont de la Feuillee bridge on the Saone River. After passing this bridge, we are now entering the area known as the old Lyon. It is more crowded than other regions because it is an old and historical area. Once you have crossed the bridge, you can continue on Rue Octavio Mey street like us and go to Place du Change squre via Rue Juiverie street. In this way you can also enjoy Lyon’s beautiful streets. This square is a cute little area. If you feel yourself a little bit hungry and want to eat something, you can have a sit in one of the bouchons here (local restaurant).

Lyon travel guide

Rue Saint-Jean Street

After spending time here, just follow the crowd. You can be sure that they are going to Rue Saint-Jean Street, where you will find many ice cream, chocolate, candy shops and cafés. When we were there we decided to eat ice cream in Glacier Terre in favor of Lyon. This place has both sorbet and ice cream varieties. If you ask how many ice cream there are in the menu, I would say one million 🙂lyon 2

We keep walking on the street. Like I said, there are many ice-cream and chocolate shops on this street. Among them, there is a gourmet place named Mathilde. In there, youcan buy chocolate, sauce, jam etc. lyon 11

lyon 14

Place Saint-Jean Square

At the end of the Rue Saint-Jean street, we arrive to a square with the same name. There is a sweet little tiny fountain right in the middle of the square where Saint Jean Baptiste’s Cathedral is located. You can drink the water of the fountain. Here , you can give a short break.

lyon 3

Place Bellecour Square

If you are rested we can continue to walk. Our new destination is the Place Bellecour square. This is one of the biggest squares in Europe. We pass on Pont Bonaparte bridge to go to the square which is about 800 meters away from Place Saint Jean Square. One block after you crossed the bridge, you are at the square. The most amazing structure of the square is the sculpture of 14th Louis in the middle of a the large square.

lyon 16

Are You Hungry?

Are you hungry? We were hungry when we came to the Place Bellecour Square as we walked this route. Then we came to think of where we could eat something, and after a little research we learned that there are nice restaurants on the Rue des Marronniers street, very close to the square. If you’re hungry, we suggest you go into this street and take a look at the restaurants. We chose Chez Mounier. The menu, prices and taste of the dishes made us very satisfied. If there is no place in your mind, I suggest you try it.

lyon 13

lyon 6

lyon 20

Finishing The Day

We saw a lot of places in Lyon in a single day and got the soul of the city. After that, we have to rest a little and finish the day calmly. There were two options for this. We would either be on the river bank or go to Parc de la Tete d’Or, the city’s largest park. We preferred the second option. We took a taxi to go there.

The park, where many people ran, walked, had a picnic, and spent time with the family, was quite large. We found ourselves at the edge of the lake in the park and left ourselves on the grass to take the day off. We did very well. It was time to see the sun set and finish the day. If you come to the park, dont forget to bring a bottle of wine and some snacks. Because here in France you should watch the sunset while drinking your wine.


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