Lets Full Istanbul With These Chocolates

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

In 2010 a new team member joined to Istanbul’s chocolatiers. Marie Antoinette Chocolatier, opened by Rojda & Ruken Demirer sisters, has become one of the most artsy, colourful and full of surprise-filled chocolatiers in Istanbul in 5 years. Few days ago I visited Zorlu Center Branch to explore its delicious chcolates. Ms Dilara, pastry chef of the place, accompanied me during my visit.

Ms Dilara, pastry chef

Let me tell you the properties of the Marie Antoinette Chocolatier’s chocolates first. There 4 main kind of chocolates in the place; “Cup”, “Truffle”, “Praline” and “Chocolate covered”. They use Belgium brand chocolates and Italian brand fruit pulps in their chocolates. Freshness is the another subject that Marie Antoinette pays attention. When all of these physical factors meet with chocolate love, the story ends with happy ending.

Now let’s talk my experiences with their chocolates:

  1. Curoçao Cup: If you have never tried this blue coloured chocolate, you would be surprised with the taste of it. Why? Because the taste of this blue coloured chocolate has the taste of two tastes you would have never matched with: Coffee and Caramel
  2. Passion Cup: As its yellow colour and cape gooseberry, its taste is also so exciting. While you have your first bite you think that its it has sour taste. But suddenly its taste changes to a sweet taste.
  3. Rakı and Melon Cup: Although melon sounds ok for the chocolate, rakı is not very common to see in a chocolate. This is why I was quite chary for this chocolate. First of all I should say that the taste of rakı (anise) is not very strong. Because of that you get the taste of melon first. Rakı is a secret. Here is the hint; if you use the left&right sides of your mouth while eating this chocolate you can get the taste of rakı much more.
  4. Fraise and Champagne Cup: Who can say no to fraise&champagne with chocolate. With its red colour it says “You should eat me” and you would be happy with its strong fraise and champagne taste.
  5. Fraise Truffle and Coconut Truffle: I also tried two truffles: Fraise and Coconut. If I compare these truffles with cups, I should say that these are more classic. If you like classic chocolates, truffles would be a good choice for you.


Marie Antoinette Chocolatier has a shop both in Nişantaşı district and Zorlu Center shopping mall. I recommend you to try Marie Antoinette Chocolatier’s provacative chocolates 🙂

Nişantaşı Branch Address:  Ihlamur Yolu Caddesi Nişantaşı / İstanbul

Nişantaşı Branch Telephone: +90 212 291 92 77 – 78

Zorlu Center Branch Address: Barboros Bulvarı Zorlu Center AVM Kat B 1 Beşiktaş / İstanbul

Zorlu Center Branch Telephone: –

Website: http://www.marieantoinette.com.tr

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