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When we arrived in Alexandroupoli, it was around three o’clock after noon. We had just one day to explore the city. Because, the next day one of us will return to Turkey and the other will continue to Kavala . We decided to leave our bags into the hotel and to start discovering the city.

Keşfetmeye hazırız

Alexandroupoli – Ready to discover the city

We chose Marianna Hotel in Alexandroupoli. Because the hotel is in the city center, and we could walk everywhere from the hotel. After leaving our bags in the hotel, we were outside. No lie, the weather was a bit cold. It would be better if you go there in summer. But who cares. We are here and it is time to explore the city. At the end we had a great rip and prepared a good list for the city.


While you are preparing yourself to explore the city, I will give you brief information about the city. As you know, it is good to have little knowledge of the history and demographic structure of that city before you start to walk.

Alexandroupoli is, in fact, a rather old fishing settlement, like other coastal towns along the Mediterranean region. Until the 19th century. At that time, a railway network began to construct in the Balkans. Alexandroupoli was also a part of these railway networks. After railways constructions the passenger traffic and the trade volume increased. Due to these changings in the demographic structure of the city, Alexandroupoli, a fish village, changed into an important commercial center and port city. The city’s population today is around 60,000.

Lighthouse of Alexandropoli

The best thing you can do in a seaside town like Dedeagac is to walk along the beach and fill your lungs with the smell of iodine of the blue sea. That is why we started exploring Alexandroupoli from the beach. When we started to walk throughout the beach, lighthouse was the first thing took our attention. According to what we read, the lighthouse was built by a French company in 1880 and it has been seen by ships at a distance of 40 km. The colour of the lighthouse is white, where the top is green. It is still working and it is still the best place to take a selfie in Alexandroupoli.

Dedeağaç deniz feneri

Lighthouse of Alexandroupoli


Although Alexandroupoli is a small city, there are many places to eat and to drink in the city. While we were walking at the seaside, we were also looking a place to eat. We saw Kubepveio. This place was quite popular among young people. They were sitting inside, drinking their coffeees and playing backgammon. Anyway, we found a place and sat down. We asked for the menu. Unfortunately they did not have an English menu. So we ordered our meal by the help of the waiter. Although the food was not so good the ambience of the place was nice. So you can give a short break there and have some drinks.

Dedeağaç - Kubepveio

Alexandroupoli – Kubepveio

Argo Sea and City

This is a very good place to drink a coffee or alcohol, which is located on seaside of Alexandroupoli. The place has both inside and outside areas to sit. Especially the balcony has a very good view of the sea. Due to the season, the balcony was closed. If you are planing to visit Alexandroupoli in the summeri you should sit there enjoy the view. As a result I can recommend this popular place.

Dedeağaç - Argo

Alexandroupoli – Argo

Dedeağaç - Argo'da kahve keyfi

Alexandroupoli – Coffee pleasure in Argo

Nisiotiko Tavern

Nisiotiko is one the most important places to eat in the city. This tavern is very popular with its delicious foods (especially mezzes and sea foods) and high quality service. I tried Greek salad, caciki, octopus, calamary and zucchini grill. I also drank uzo. I can say that all of them were really delicious. I strictly recommend this place. But do not forget to make reservation before you go, especially for Friday and Saturday nights.

Dedeağaç - Nisiotiko Taverna

Alexandroupoli – Nisiotiko Tavern

Dedeağaç - Nisiotiko Taverna'nın lezzetleri

Alexandroupoli – Mezze in Nisiotiko Tavern

Kafka Bookstore & Cafe

This place is a very cool cafe. You can have your coffee in a peaceful atmosphere. You can also have a look their books while you are having your coffee. If you are very tired, you can give a short break here and enjoy your coffee and read your book.

Dedeağaç - Kafka Kitapevi ve Kafe

Alexandropoli – Kafka Bookstore & Cafe

Alexandroupoli - Coffee pleasure in Kafka Bookstore & Cafe

Alexandroupoli – Coffee pleasure in Kafka Bookstore & Cafe

Salgamis Bakery

Leof Dimokratias is the main street of the city. Salgamis Bakery is on this street. This place is a right place to have breakfast. They sell different kind os stuff and all of them are very fresh and delicious. I recommend you to try “börek” with cheese. I believe you will like them.

Alexandroupoli - Salgamis Bakery

Alexandroupoli – Salgamis Bakery

Alexandropoli - Breakfast in Salgamis Bakery

Alexandropoli – Breakfast in Salgamis Bakery

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