Kavala, A Beautiful Seaside City

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

Kavala is a seaside city between Alexandroupoli and Thessaloniki. It is bigger than Alexandroupoli and smaller than Thessaloniki. It is a typical Greek town with its cute, charming streets, eating and drinking areas. Kavala, which is very easy to reach from both cities, is a must-see for travelers who want to get to know Greece.

How To Get To Kavala

The best way to get to Kavala, right in the middle of Alexandroupoli and Thessaloniki, is to use intercity buses. It takes only 2 hours from Thessaloniki by bus. The price of the bus ticket is 16.40 €. Except stopping in one or two small cities, the bus uses the highway and goes directly to Thessaloniki. So, you are making a very fast and comfortable journey. The bus terminal is on the Filikis Eterias street (city center) from where you can reach to every parts of the city easily.

Kavala Otobüs Bileti

Bus Ticket

What To See In Kavala

Kavala is a quite nice place to walk around and to have a pleasant time. If you want to discover the historical texture and hidden beauties of the city, you should walk towards the castle.

Halil Bey Mosque

Halil Bey Mosque came out first when I was walking to the castle. Due to its red color and lack of minaret, this mosque has a unique place is a unique . Built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, this mosque has traces of a civilization that has influenced into to Europe.


Kavala Otobüs Bileti

Kavala Halil Bey Mosque

Kavala Castle

After Halil Bey Mosque, I kept walking through the hill. By the help of the signs, it was easy to understand that I was getting closer to the castle. After 15 mins walking I was in front of the entrance. The ticket was 2.5€. I paid it and entered the castle. The castle is on the top of a hill. As a result of that it has a beautiful view of Kavala. You can see all the city and the sea from the top of the castle. Actually, this view is the most interesting thing about the castle. There are no special exhibitions in the castle.

Kavala Kalesinden şehir manzarası

City view from the Kavala Castle

Kavala Kalesi

Kavala Castle

Kavala Kalesinden denize doğru

Sea View from the Kavala Castle

Mohammed Ali’s House

When you hear the name of Mohammed Ali, you may think that he is the popular American boxer Mohammed Ali. Actually he is not. This Mohammed Ali is a Pasha who was born in Kavala during the Ottoman Empire period. He was appointed to Egypt as a governor. Then he gained influence. Mohammed’s Ali’s House was built in 1720 and it is used as a museum today. When you visit the house you would see the sculpture of Mohammed Ali, just opposite of the house.

Kavala Muhammed Alinin Evi

Kavala – Mohammed Ali’s House

Kavala Muhammed Alinin Heykeli

Kavala – Mohammed Ali’s Sculpture


Imaret was built as a school and soup kitchen by Mohammed Ali. Today it is one of the most aesthetic hotels in all Greece. There are tours in the hotel between 10am-2pm and it costs 5€. You can take a tour and get more information about the history of the building.

Kavala İmaret

Kavala – Imaret

Streets and Cafes

When you walk around the Castle you would see beautiful streets. These streets are very good places to take beautiful photos of Kavala.

After you finished your walk around the castle, you can give a break in the cafes around the Imaret. Theses cafes serve both foods and drinks.

Kavala sokaklar

Kavala – Streets

What To Eat In Kavala?

Although in Kavala there are many good places, I recommend 3 places as must-visit.

Savvas Tavern

Savvas Tavern is located a bit far away from the city center. Because of that using a taxi is the best way to go to the tavern. It cost around 4€ for one way. The tavern has a very delicious menu. You can find different mezzes and fresh sea foods. I recommend you to order mixed grill, mussel, kalamari, grilled cheese and ouzo.

Kavala Savvas Taverna

Kavala – Savvas Tavern

Kavala Savvas Taverna mezeler

Kavala – Savvas Tavern Mezzes

Kavala Savvas Taverna kalamar

Savvas Tavern Kalamari


This small cafe is located on the street which is opposite of Imaret. It has small tables outside where you can have your coffee and enjoy the weather.

Kavala 1901 Kafe

Kavala – 1901 Cafe

Evangelos Candy Shop

If you want to try a sweets, especially profitorole, Evangelos is the right place. There are always que in front of the place. But dont worry, it is worth enough to wait at the que.

Kavala Evangelos Sekerleme profiterol

Evangelos Candy Shop Profiterole

Where to Stay in Kavala

Kavala has many different accomodation alternatives. Among these alternatvies I recommend you Airotel Galaxy Hotel. This city center hotel has a beautiful view rooms and excellent services. For more details about the hotel you can click here to read my article about the hotel.

Kavala Airotel Galaxy Hotel

Airotel Galaxy Hotel

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