Iskender Kebab: Kasap Osman Restaurant

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Iskender Kebab: Kasap Osman Restaurant

Iskender Kebab is undoubtedly one of the most famous tastes of these lands. Although many people think of Bursa and Mehmet oğlu İskender Efendi when it comes to Iskender Kebab, we can now eat Iskender Kebab in all the geographies of our country. Now that almost all restaurants selling “döner kebab” serves Iskender Kebab as well, it has become really difficult to find and eat the original one.

Kasap Osman Restaurant

Naturally, İstanbul has been affected by this glut in the first place. While there is a döner shop at every corner in İstanbul, there are that many Iskender Kebab shops as well. However, those where we can eat the original İskender Kebab are really few among these restaurants. Yet, here I am to take you a modest restaurant so that you can eat one of the best İskender Kebabs in İstanbul. The restaurant is called Kasap Osman Restaurant located in Sirkeci, one of the oldest neighborhoods of İstanbul.

İskender Kebab - Kasap Osman Restaurant (culinistanbul)

Iskender Kebab – Kasap Osman Restaurant (culinistanbul)

How Do They Cook and Served It?

Kasap Osman is among the most successful restaurants of a district continuously active and hectic. The restaurant is quite famous as well. The Iskender Kebab served in Kasap Osman basically differs in the manner of serving from those served in other restaurants. So, let’s take a look at how the Iskender Kebab is served in Kasap Osman.

If you think the kebab will be served in a ceramic plate in Kasap Osman like in the other restaurants you have eaten it, then you are wrong here. This is because, here, the Iskender Kebab is served in a pot rather than in a ceramic plate. The cooked döner meat is placed on the pieces of pitta breads spread out in the pot and some tomatoes and green peppers are added in the pot. Then, the pot is transferred to the oven after spreading some tomato sauce over the contents. As the kebab is baked for a few minutes, the meat becomes more delicious and the pitta bread becomes crisp. Also, the pieces of the pitta breads taste more delicious with the tomato sauce and the sauce of the meat. And there comes out a real feast of taste.

When this marvelous taste served in a pot together with some yogurt is brought to your table, you should do nothing but enjoy this taste. As for the meat served, it should be noted that Kasap Osman values nothing above the quality of its meat with the years of experience. Thanks to these dedicated efforts, Kasap Osman has become, beyond dispute, one of the best döner shops of İstanbul.

Where Is The Restaurant?

Centrally located, Kasap Osman offers tables both inside the restaurant and in its outdoor area. Although there are different types of kebabs that you may eat in Kasap Osman, where you will enjoy the quick service, I personally recommend you to give a try to its İskender Kebab in the first place.

Address : Hocapaşa Sokak No:20 Sirkeci-İstanbul
Telephone : +90 212 519 32 16
Webpage :

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