Independence Day of Cartagena and the Mexican Hat

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

I did not expect that this could be so real, when somebody had told me that the weather in Cartagena is so hot. I do not know how to describe the humidity that hitting my face as soon as I get off the bus. You can use the hottest word for this situation.

As it was described I tried to find the buses which goes to center. I jumped on the colourful Colombian bus that named “Centro” and “1800”. 1.800 figures bus ticket price. After about 30 minutes dusty journey I reached the center and took the path to the hostel. After leaving my packes in the hotel, i started to explore the city where the Independence Day and the Mexican Hat begin.


The second week of November is the week for Independence Day celebrations in Cartagena. The most exciting moment of the celebrations is the colourful cortege which helds on 12th of November. You can see many dancers of from different schools in colourful clothes during the cortege.

Now I have some advices for you about the activity.

  1. You will see many young people holding foam bottles and powder paint in their hands. You will be one of their targets when they are throwing them around. Don’t be angry, this is part of the day. So, it is a good idea to bring an extra t-shirt with you.
  2. You will see many men in women clothes. I asked the reason but I could not find any traditional reason for that. They told me that they do it just for fun. IMG_4956
  3. There would be robbers. Becareful with your stuff.
  4. Do not worry, there will be street foods. If you are not interested in street foods do not forget to bring your own food. 
  5. The weather will be so hot. It is a good idea to bring your hat and sun cream.
  6. If you go there early you can find a place on the walls. But I do not recommend you to wait there long hours under the sun. 


If you take a walk on the “Avenida Venezuela”, one of the biggest avenue in Cartagena, you would see a buffet with a big Mexican hat. If you are interested in sea food coctail I recommend you to change your way towards this place. Because, you would eat very tasty sea food there.

This buffet has the largest prawn/shrimp coctailGuiness Record in 19 July 2015. The largest prawn cocktail weights 1,320 Kg (2,910 lb 1.6 oz).

For the attempt, a 3 meter high, 2,000 kg heavy cup was created. 821,5 Kg of shrimp, 226,5 liters of ketchup,107 Kg of onions, 86 liters of garlic vinaigrette, 34 liters of lemon juice, 26.5 liters of mayonnaise and 18.25 Kg of vegetables were used.

Of course you are not going to order as big as this one, but you can enjoy it one small glass.

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