Galapagos Islands 2 – First Day

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

There had been 2 hours since the plane took off from Quito. The sign for getting closer to the Galapagos Islands was that the cabin crew is spraying the baggage compartments placed on the ceiling of the plane one by one. With great excitement I looked through the window and saw the Galapagos Islands in the middle of the pure blue Pasific Ocean. For one moment, I thought of all the things that I read about those islands: Were all those made up by people or will it be the greatest and most unforgettable experience of my entire life? While the questions were provoking my mind, the plane had already landed. Finally I was at the Galapagos Islands that I only read on the books until that time.


When I took off, the first thing that I met with was the hot weather. It was obvious that February is warmer in the Islands. I directly went to passport check without wasting my time. I already knew that they were taking $100 tax for entering the Islands. When it was my turn for passport check, I had already set everything I needed: My passport and $100. The custom’s agent took my $100 without mercy and sealed my passport with the Galapagos stamp.

Since Baltra is a small airport, I didn’t have any problem about the queue for luggages. By the time I got my luggage and prepared to leave the airport, another agent came and asked for the document that I filled in the plane –it is about personal info and whether I carry any chemicals or herbs in my bag-. After I handed the document, I turned my route to free buses which will take us to a little pier at the pass between Baltra and Santa Cruz islands.


After an almost 20 minute-bus trip, we reached to a little pier which we take the boat to Santa Cruz island. Because of the hot weather, I even thought of diving right into the ocean, but then I stopped and smiled since there will be so much time for that. I came close to boat and handed my bag to assistant of the captain. I took my place after I paid $1 ticket to captain. Even this 10 minutes boat trip to cross between islands is enough to capture you!



I planned to stay at Galapagos Islands for 5 nights and I preferred Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz for accommodation. I was already ready for another adventure which is about to start when I took my place in an old bus for $3, waits around the pier for us to go to Puerto Ayora. I learned that you can also take a taxi to Puerto Ayora which costs $18.


The bus took approximately 1 hour. At the time I was around the island, there was some construction in process on the road to Puerto Ayora. Well, it was not a problem for me at all, because the view is so breathtaking and it makes you forget everything but the beauty of that view.



After an hour, when I came to Puerto Ayora, I saw that the weather got warmer, so it made me feel like my backpack got heavier too. There was no other way, but putting my hat on and starting to walk to my hotel. It was called Hotel Espana. It was in the center of the city, so it is well-located I can say. The fee for a night was $25 + tax (12%). I was pretty much satisfied especially with the air conditioning in the rooms, but there was a general problem about Wi-Fi with only being at the common saloon and quality of that was really low. The breakfast (eggs, bread, butter, jam, fruit juice and coffee) was not included to fee for the night and it costs $5.

Since I spent almost the whole day for the transfer from airport to Puerto Ayora and was not able to attend any event, I took a small walking session around the center of the island. There are lots of different restaurants on the main streets which are lied parallel to ocean.

While I was walking, I found myself at the pier of Santa Cruz. It may be the place that shocks newcomers directly. Because around the pier, there is the opportunity to see seals, sea iguanas, different types of herons, sharks, turtles and crabs. Since I had never been this close to all those animals before, I think you can guess how excited I was. This moment was the preview to the adventure that I will be taking in the following days.



After completing my walking session, I was trying to guess what is going to happen in the following days. My first day at Santa Cruz was completed while I was saying to myself “It seems that all I read on Galapagos Islands is true.”.

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