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Offal had a significant place also in Ottoman Palace’s cuisine. The most important evidence of this is that different chefs were cooking different offal. Quite widely consumed in Anatolia, offal can be categorized into 2 types:

          Red Offal: Liver, heart, kidney, tongue, head and tail

          White Offal: Tripe, brain, sweetbread, ram’s testicle, trotters and spinal marrow

There is no doubt that liver, tripe soup and grilled lamb intestines are come to mind first, when talking about offal. Tripe soup and grilled lamb intestines are very popular foods after the nights with alcohol. You can easily find these foods in the locals of Istanbul where people generally go for having drinks. But, I would like to recommend you Lale İşkembecisi which is more than 50 years old.

Lale İşkembecisi Restaurant

Lale İşkembecisi Restaurant

Lale İşkembecisi was opened by Mr. Hüseyin Üzer in Büyükparmak Street, Beyoğlu in 1960. However, Mr. Üzer transferred all his shares to Mr. Baki Akkaya in 1966. Today Vedat Akkaya, son of Baki Akkaya, operates the business. Lale İşkembecisi is now placed on Tarlabaşı Boulevard.

In Lale İşkembecisi, all types of offal are cleaned without using any chemical ingredients and prepared scrupulously. Although all the dishes are very tasteful in Lale İşkembecisi, my favorite dish is Thick Tripe Soup. Thick Tripe Soup, which is like a white meat soup, is approximately 2.5-3 cm long meat part in the tripe of bovines and water buffalos. Only 3 or 4 portion “Thick Tripe Soup” can be prepared from one bovine’s tripe.

Thick Tripe Soup - Damar Tuzlama

Thick Tripe Soup – Damar Tuzlama

Except Thick Tripe Soup you can also eat different tastes in Lale İşkembecisi; such as tripe soup, grilled lamp intestine, lamp’s head, etc. In addition to that I also recommend you to taste Zerde dessert, which is made of real Iranian saffron that will help you to settle your stomach.

Grilled Lamp Intestine - Kokoreç

Grilled Lamp Intestine – Kokoreç

Lamb's Head - Kuzu Kelle

Lamb’s Head – Kuzu Kelle

Zerde Dessert

Zerde Dessert

Adress: Tarlabaşı Bulvarı No:13 Beyoğlu-İstanbul

Telephone: +90 212 252 69 69

Opening times: Every day (24 Hour)


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