Drugs Free Tables of Medellin

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

When somebody talk about Medellin people remember the drug cartels. Do you remember Pablo Escobar, dead 1993, who was a Colombian drug baron? Medellin was the city from where he was controlling his cartel. It is said that if you go towards neighborhoods in he hillside of the city, you can see the foot tracks of Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

When you are in Medellin you would see a cable car. This cable car which goes to the neighborhoods on the hillsides, is so long that I got tired when I was recording during the journey. With its transfer station it passes over the mountains. If you would have time do not forget to use it. Btw, the last stop of the cable car is a natural park named “Parque Arvi”.  If you are a nature lover person you would like this park where you can find walking-tracks.


Cable Car

3. Teleferik

Medellin view from Cable Car

With its night life and places Medellin is the most entertaining city for many Colombian. If you spend a weekend around El Poblado district, you can see many people who are enjoying nights with drinking and dancing.

Now I will take you away from the night life to the foods life in Medellin. Here are some of my experiences I would like to share with you.

  1. Aguapanela con queso

As you know Colombia is a country rich in sugar canes. As a result of that sugar cane is one of the common food ingredients in Colombia. “Aguapanela con queso” is one of these dishes. It is made of sugar cane and cheese. It is a kind of food that you can get the salt and sweet flavors in the same time.

5. Aguapanela con queso

4. Aguapanela con queso

Aguapanela con queso

  1. Carne Molida

Carne Molida is a kind of minced meat. When they prepare it they also add some other ingredients such as onion and etc. It is generally served with rice (like most of the dishes in Colombia) and it is very easy to find in many restaurants.

Carne Molida

Carne Molida

  1. Bandeja Paisa

This one of the symbolic foods in Colombia. It is a very big plate that the chef puts everything in the kitchen. This big plate is preapred with meat, platano, egg, beans, arepa, avocado. chorizo, chicharron. You should try this dish at least one time in Colombia. You can also find this dish easily in most restaurants.

Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja Paisa

  1. Hot Dog & Hamburger & Et

The Colombian street food culture hits the top in Medellin. Especially at nights, you can find delicious samples of street foods in every corner.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and different types of meats are on the roads. I strictly recommend you to try these foods during your Medellin trip.

8. Hamburger

9. Hot dog

10. Hot dog

11. Meat

  1. Chef Burger

What do you think about hamburgers? Do you like them or do you hate them? If you say “Yes” here is an address for good  hamburgers for you in Medellin. Don’t worry, you do not need to have millions of pesos to have their hamburgers. Their slogan is “The Best Burger In Town”. I tried two times and I enjoyed it. This place has different kinds of hamburgers.

Chef Burger

Chef Burger

13.Chef Burger

  1. Cafe Revolucion

A nice and cute coffee place to enjoy your time. You can have your coffee in a peaceful place and at the same time you can work with your computer. I tried their chocolate cake and I did not like it. So I can say that you can have good coffee but may be not very delicious appetizers.

14. Cafe Revolucion
15. Cafe Revolucion

  1. Cafe Zeppelin

Although its name is “cafe” it has a very large menu. As soon as you enter the place you would see German symbols (such as the photo of Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany, theatre posters and etc) on the walls. As they told me this is because of the owner. He is German. Cafe Zeppelin is one the right addresses you can have a brake during walking in the city.

16. Cafe Zeppelin

17. Cafe Zeppelin


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  1. Medellín even has a book with a gastronomy tour . you should do that! Is all about local food. The book is called Medellín Si Sabe and even comes with a map. I recommend you a German pizza un Carlos E Restrepo called Bigotes. Is really good! But, I have to warn you, is alwaya crowded at night, is a very popular place. Have a nice trip!! ??

    • culinistanbul

      Thank you very much for your advices.
      Unfortunately I left Medellin and I am in Cali now.
      After couple of days I will be in Ecuador.
      I hope i can be in Medellin again and can have a chance to check out this book.

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