Delicious Alternatives In Bogota

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

Whenever I ask Bogoto to Colombian people, I generally do not hear positive things about the city. They always stress about the caos, traffic, crowd, dangers and etc. Of course the city has the same disadvantages with other big cities in the world. However we should be fair. This city should also have some beautiful things.

Here are some samples I found when I was in Bogota.

Coffee in Monserrate Mountain

3.152 high from the sea level. It gives you a beautiful Bogota view with its location. There are green path, a small market, a small church, and 2 restaurants. (San Isidro House ve Santa Clara House). San Isidro House hasa French menu and Santa Clara House serves Colombian foods and coffee.

3 ways to go to mountain:

Walking (free of charge)

Funicular (prices are between 5.000-9.000 Pesos, depends on the dates)

Cable Car (prices are between 5.000-9.000 Pesos, depends on the dates)

Monserrate Dağı'nda Kahve Keyfi

BBC (Bogota Beer Company)

It is the place comes to minds first, when you are talking about beer in Bogota.

BBC is very popular with its own beers. Here are different beers they have. You should give your decision after trying them. Monserrate Roja, Candelaria Clasica, Chapinero Porter, Cajica Honey Ale, Premium Larger, BBC Bacata Blanca


It is easy to guess from its name that this place is popular with crepes and waffles.

Their menu is like a book. You confuse what to order while reading the menu. I went to their restaurant in Zona T in Bogota. They many branches in different countries and cities.

All te employees of the restaurant are woman, except security guys. The women has a common property. Tey are all the ladies who are divorced or widow. We should also thank to restaurant for this positif discrimination.

Foto 3

Foto 4

Myriam Camhi

A real cake and chocolate patisserie.

It has a good location. You can walk there from Zona T. The place has a very cute decoration. When you enter the place you see the cakes on your left side. Look at them. They will probably to make you crazy. I ordered “Napoleon with Arequipe”. I made a right decision. The dessert has both beautiful presentation and delicious taste.

Even though I recommend you to try this dessert you can find something else too.

Foto 5

Arequipe soslu Napoleon

Restaurante Fulanitos

This is a restaurant where you can try Colombian foods.

It is in the centre of Bogota. You can reach the restaurant after a short climb between the old colonial houses. It is located in an old house. That is why it has a good ambience.

Some people like the foods of the restaurants, where some people do not. As a result, this restaurant is on the middle level. I tried grilled chicken with sauce. It wa cooked well and it was not dry. But the rice was so bad. I did not like it.

Prices are so expensive and not so cheap.

Foto 7

Andres Carne de Res

I wrote this crazy restaurant before. Here is the link.


This is a typical breakfast from Bogota.

Although it is served as a breakfast you can also eat it anytimer during the day. It is prepared with milk, egg, bread, scallions and cilantro. Although it does not have very special taste, as a local taste it should be tried during Bogota visit.


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