Arriving To Ecuador

Takip edin ve Paylaşın

For entering Ecuador from Colombia, I have taken the night bus from the Colombian city, Cali and came to the border city Ipiales. I would like to pass the border through Ipiales, and before leaving Colombia I really also would like to see the symbol of Ipiales, Santuario de Las Laias which makes everyone smitten.

Santuario de Las Lajas , a grey-white coloured church within a distance of 15 minutes from Ipiales, located in a valley and fascinates everyone with its architecture. To reach the church it would be enough to catch a taxi from Ipiales. Taksi costs approximately 15 000 Pesos (15 TL). After taking the taxi from the upside of the valley and 10 minutes drive downhill, you face the Santuario de Las Laias with its fascinating view.

Santuario de Las Lajas

Santuario de Las Lajas

After seeing Santuario de Las Lajas,  it is time to pass to Ecuador. The border pass is a twenty minute taxi drive away from the church. Taxi costs 18 000 Pesos (18 TL).  After reaching the border, in an hour, you can have the exit stamp which allows you to pass the bridge bewtween the two countries by walking. At the Ecuador side the stamp procedures also take half an hour (fill the form which is given to you, come into line and get your passport stamped). You can pass the border without facing any problem. Actually, in other words passing is very comfortable.

Kolombiya Sınır Kapısı

Colombia Border

Pasaport Sırası

Passport Line

Ekvador Sınır Kapısı

Ecuador Border

After passing the border, I was ready to discover the Ecuador. My first destination was San Miguel de Ibarra.

For reaching Ibarra, you get on the minibusses at the border to go to the city Tulcan. The last station of these minibusses is the Tulcan bus terminal, which costs 2.500 pesos / 0.75$ . From that point you can find tickets for the buses which travel to the South of Ecuador. As far as my direction is Ibarra, I took the bus ticket for Ibarra just for 3$. Here we are already in Ecuador and the currency in Ecuador is American Dollar. After 3 hours travelling, I arrived at Ibarra.

During the road trip, we had police control two times . Of course, do not need to panic, as they only control the passports and check the bags. That is why it is very important not to bring and carry with any illegal things in Colombia 🙂

If your bus is not going to Ibarra directly, it means that it will not be entering the bus terminal. That is why, You should get off , where the Ibarra passengers are getting off. After that,  getting a taxi, by a fare of 1,5$ you can reach the city center.

I will be writing my Ibarra experiences other time.

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