7 Questions To Determine Your Travel Budget

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Everybody wants to be on the road. Some of them are planing 1 month trip while the others are planing 6 months, 1 year or longer trip. I have been on the roands in Latin America for 4 months and I do not know how long it is going to be to finish 25 Latin American countries.

Those who hear my crazy story, send me many questions from different platforms. One of these questions is so popular. Everybody wants to know its answer.The question is so clear: “How Much Money Should We Need For Such a Trip”. My answer is also so clear: “I Do Not Know”.

Here are 7 reasons why I do not know the answer.

  1. Which vehicles are you going to use during your trip? For example, are you going to use a plane, a bus, a train or hitchhiking when you are going from one country to another one or from one city to another one? Of course, it is so clear that the costs of the plane ticket and hitchhiking will not be same. This will affect your budget.
  2. Where are you going to stay during your trip? This is another important subject. Where do you want to sleep at nights; in a hotel, in a room rented via Airbnb, in a hostel, in your Couchsurfing friend’s house or in a tent? The accomodation budget will be different depends on your choices. (ps; if you travel at nights you save one night accomodation cost)
  3. Where are you going to eat during your trip? How much do you live eating? Some people eat 3 times in a day while 1 is ok for others. Lets think that you have breakfast and dinner in a single day. The next quetion is where do you want to eat? Do you like to eat in a restaruant, on thestreet, you cook your own food or small cookies from a supermarket are enough for you? Your answers important to determine your budget.
  4. Are you going out when you are travelling? Some travellers want to explore the night life of the cities they visit. They go out with their friends, they drink, eat and have fun. If you are such a person, you should make money for these costs.
  5. Are you going make shooping during your trip? You will see different kinds of soveniours when you are on road. Can you stop yourself? If you can it is good. But if you can not, this means we have a problem Houston. If you buy many things during the your trip, your money would melt like a ice on the fire.
  6. Are you going to use your smart phone and internet during your trip? There is no doubt that internet is very important for travellers. As travellers we use internet to arrange our trips, to get information about the destinations, to contact our family and friends, to share our experiences on socila media. We need internet to do all. How can we find internet? Are you going to use your original simcard, are you get new simcards in every country or are you going to look for free Wifi in the places?
  7. Which touristic attractions are you going to visit during your trip? When you are travllenig you see many different touristic attractions; such as museums, amusement parks, shows, concerts, casinos and etc. Are you going to visit all of them? If you say of course, this is why I am on the road, then you should ready your money for them.

There are no right or wrong answers for the question above. In other words every trip has its own character. As a result of that every trip has its own budget. My recommendation is you should first determine the chareacter of your trip. After that you can determine your budget.

I wish you all good trips.

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