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Due to being a very touristic city, Thessaloniki offers many accommodation alternatives. As a result of that you can easily give an answer to the question of “Where to Stay in Thessaloniki”. I have a very good answer for this question. I want to share my experience about Colors Urban Hotel where I stayed one night during my visit to Thessaloniki.


Colors Urban Hotel is a city hotel. It is located on Tsimiski street, one of the most popular streets of Thessaloniki. It is also between the Aristotelous Square and Ladadika district. It is just walking distance away from most of the touristic attractions. If you want to stay in a safe area and don’t want to miss the city life, Colors Urban Hotel will be a good choice for you.

The Rooms

As you will see it is a listed building, that has been characterized as a “work of art” by the Ministry of Culture. The rooms of the Colors Urban Hotel are very unique. all the rooms have a very special design. If you check their website you can easily see how good the rooms are. When I was checking their rooms before my visit I really liked all the details.

After finishing my check-in at the reception, the elevator was the first thing that took my attention. It had a very good desing and color. My room’s number was 41. It was on the street side of the hotel where you can see the sea.

Where to stay in Thessaloniki - Colors Urban Hotel

Where to stay in Thessaloniki – Colors Urban Hotel

 Colors Urban Hotel - Room 41

Colors Urban Hotel – Room 41

When I entered the room, the first thing that caught my attention was the color of the room. Even this turquoise and white painted room had enough beauty in itself. It was not just the color that was beautiful in the design of the room. Added to that one wall was covered with a big letter of “I AM FAMOUS”, the other was covered with old album covers, and the ventilation had a copper design. As a result, I should say that I stayed in a beautiful room with both good design and cleanliness 🙂

Where to stay in Thessaloniki - My room

My room

The wall covered with old album covers

The wall covered with old album covers

Where to stay in Thessaloniki - relaxing



When I went to the restaurant section of the hotel for breakfast in the morning, the waitress immediately came and asked what I wanted. I said that I was planing to walk all the city, so I need so much energy, and asked her to bring every thing. She smiled. After couple of minutes later she came with coffee and orange juice, and she said these are just the beginigs. She was right. Because, in  minutes my table was fulled with delicious foods. As a result that I can say that Color Urban Hotel has very delicious breakfast.

Colors Urban Hotel - Breakfast


The Garden Bar

The hotel has a bar named with The Garden Bar. It is located on the entrance floor. They serve very delicious cocktails in the bar. If you want to go out at night, it is a good idea to drink a cocktail in The Garden Bar.

Colors Urban Hotel - The Garden Bar

Where to stay in Thessaloniki – The Garden Bar

Delicious Cocktail

Delicious Cocktail


All the staff of the Colors Urban Hotel are very friendly and professional. As a customer if you need something, they are at your service. The staff at the reception are very fast when they are doing their job. They have very deep information about the city. If you neen any information about the museums, restaurants, transportation or sthng else about the city, they help you.


You can reach the Colors Urban Hotel by using very different communication tools. You can see contact details of the hotel below.




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